Get excited, because you heard correctly, a new season of New Girl is coming to Netflix streaming during the new year of 2016!

If you are a New Girl fan you probably already have binge watched the available three seasons on Netflix already a few hundred times, just waiting for season 4. Season 4 has premiered on television some time ago, but we started to lose hopes when months passed and it was still not on Netflix streaming. We even questioned if New Girl would be one of the television shows to be removed from Netflix, but this is not the case.

The 4th season of New Girl IS coming to Netflix streaming on January 5th, which makes complete sense because the 5th season of New Girl premieres on Fox on January 5th also.


We are not only excited for the 4th season now, but also excited to know that a 5th season is happening and will be on Netflix by Summer, hopefully.

Enjoy seasons 1-3 on Netflix now, and prepare for #4!