Netflix is bringing many new shows to their site, but there are a few rumors surfacing that Nurse Jackie will be joining Netflix.

Nurse Jackie follows an emergency nurse, Jackie Peyton, who does everything in her will power to provide her patients with the best care possible, but while snaking through the crumbling health care system’s rules. Jackie has a huge secret that is becoming increasingly hard to keep from people, especially people who continually get closer to her. Jackie begins to rely on Vicodin and Adderall to help her get through her life, but also get through the high-stress lifestyle of being an emergency room nurse in New York. Jackie is not above bending rules, as she believes the health care system is unfair, and she wants every patient to be treated, and have a good experience. Jackie faces many problems, including the doctors who do not quite agree with her methods, and a lot of red tape involvement.

Nurse Jackie has been running for 7 seasons, and continues to be a hit comedy series. The show has solid ratings, and would be a great addition to Netflix, which is probably why the rumors are surfacing. Netflix will be bringing Nurse Jackie to their streaming Christmas week.

Enjoy the other new additions for the month of December, as they are all approaching soon!