The rise of the streaming services has definitely made an impact on modern day technology. Not everyone is turning on a television set to watch the same shows anymore, but now we are attempting to stream Netflix and watch together. As the technological advances rise, so do our long-distance friendships, relationships, and more. Recently, Google Chrome has come out with a new app for your Google Chrome browser that is blowing everyone’s minds. The new app is letting people watch Netflix simultaneously.

Many are questioning how this exactly works? Along with, what benefits will this have for me? This new app has many benefits, especially if you are involved in a long-distance relationship. Now films are much easier to watch together. Once you have installed the plugin app into your Google Chrome browser, you sync your Netflix accounts, and then the app can send invitations out to invite the other person(s) to join the streaming. Once the other person accepts the invite, you can stream the entertainment of choice from Netflix and watch simultaneously. If you need to stop, pause, or continue to play the show or film, this all will happen on the other person’s screen too. This way, nobody misses out on anything and you are all on the same page.

This Netflix invention is new and exciting, especially for those who are in long-distance relationships. The new app is also perfect if your friends cannot be in the same place as you are, but you are wanting to spend some time together. With great technological advances, we only see even more happening for Netflix. This new app is just the perfect example of how Netflix, along with other great companies, are expanding and meeting all of our needs. Hopefully we will all be checking this new app out soon! Happy Streaming!