Netflix has gotten quite smart lately, and if you are a parent, you may want to know how.

As parents you may often be battling your kids to go to bed on time, because they want just five more minutes to stay up, or want to keep watching television. Believe me, we have all been there! With every excuse heard, Netflix may have a solution to outwit your children, and get them to bed in an easier and quicker way.

With development in progress with DreamWorks Animation Studios, Netflix has created miniature episodes of your children’s favorite television shows, from popular series like Dinotrux. So how is this a marvelous and helpful solution to outwitting your children? The episodes tell a story, just like the 30-60 minute shows normally would, but in only 5 minutes! Allowing your child to be fully satisfied by watching and listening to a whole story, but in only 5 minutes. How neat is that?

Each show not only tells a full story in 5 minutes, but also shares the best scenes of the longer episode, in this short amount of time. You can find these programs under the “5 Minute Favorites” section on the Netflix site. The shows are geared towards children aged 2-10, and have especially driven towards the children of the U.S. and Canada, because studies have shown that 61% of parents in these countries struggle with getting their children to go to bed at the time they wish.

Next time children ask to stay up for just 5 more minutes, you can let them watch one of Netflix’s new “5 Minute Favorites” and from proven studies, your child should be much more satisfied and willing to go to bed. Netflix is not only keeping us entertained, but now Netflix is making our lives easier! Just another perfect addition to the site. If you are not a subscriber, this may be a good reason to become one!