Netflix has recently proven that by subscribing to the service this saves time in the long run. The cable television world has not completely evaporated, yet, the streaming service world has definitely begun to take over.

Watching cable television not only has many commercials that are wasting your time, but this also shortens your shows from being 30 minutes to around 20-23 minutes. Each hour show has approximately 15 minutes of commercials. Many streaming services also have commercials during shows, or between show transitions. Netflix has remained faithful to their promise that they will not have commercials.

By Netflix now having commercials this is saving viewers 130 hours of commercials per year. 130 hours is about 5 and a half days of commercials that you are stuck watching a year. Netflix saves time and is helping busier lifestyles from wasting precious time.

The year is 2015, and why we are still stuck watching minutes and minutes of commercials per cable television show? This sounds absurd! If you are tech savvy it is highly recommended that you start using Netflix. The fact that you do not have commercials during your Netflix programs is also more relaxing and less frustrating. This is why Netflix binge watching has become such a popular way of watching favorite programs. The easy flow of watching episode to episode is much smoother and more helpful.

If you are looking to save time, Netflix is definitely the way to go!