New Releases on Netflix US (Nov. 15, 2017)

New Movies

Bluebeard (2017)

Nominated South-Korean thriller where a doctor sedates his landlord for a confession.

Genre: Thrillers
Runtime: 117 minutes

Fanny’s Journey (2016)

World War 2 drama where a group of Jewish children go on a quest for freedom.

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 minutes

Flying Jatt (2016)

Indian superhero movie where a family man gains superpowers to save his land.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 142 minutes

Hickok (2017)

A Western set in Abilene Kansas where a marshall comes into the town to clean it up.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 88 minutes

Lucky: No Time for Love (2005)

During an uprising in Russia, this young pair finds love when they’re fleeing together.

Genre: Romance
Runtime: 131 minutes

021 (2014)

An international drama where a militant steals a microchip containing the names of people who want to exploit Afghanistan’s riches.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 123 minutes

TV Shows/Documentaries

Chuck Chicken – Season 1 (2017)

An online animated series called Chuck Chicken about crime fighting chickens.

Number of Episodes: 26

Lockup: State Prisons – Season 1 (2016)

Comprehensive documentary series about life in a prison.

Number of Episodes: 20

Method – Season 1 (2015)

Russian thriller series where a young law enforcement gets a new job with an unconventional new boss.

Number of Episodes: 16

New Standup Specials

DeRay Davis: How to Act Black (2017)

Comedian DeRay Davis teaches you how to be a black man.

Runtime: 66 minutes


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