New Movies

A Little Bit of Heaven (2011)

A woman with terminal cancer finds a reason to power on to the end. Love.

Genre: Romantic
Runtime: 107 minutes

As I Lay Dying (2013)

James Franco stars and directs this indie movie based on William Faulkner’s novel.

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 110 minutes

Bernie (2011)

Jack Black stars as an accused murderer of a widow in town when someone offers their help to aid his defence.

Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 100 minutes

Khumba (2013)

Madagascar clone with the vocal talents of Liam Neeson, Steve Buscemi and Laurence Fishburne.

Genre: Animation/Kids
Runtime: 85 minutes

Killing Season (2013)

Robert De Niro stars as an American veteran is haunted by his past when a mysterious European comes knocking.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 91 minutes

Ninja 2: Shadow of a Tear (2013)

Martial arts master Casey Bowman seeks retribution of a drug lord after they murder his wife.

Genre: Action
Runtime: 95 minutes

Lights (2012)

Cillian Murphy and Robert De Niro star as a physicist and a professor try to out a fraud calling himself a psychic.

Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 114 minutes

Straight A’s (2013)

An addict returns home to find his ex-girlfriend married to his brother and overcome his addiction.

Genre: Rom-com
Runtime: 88 minutes

The Iceman (2013)

Based on a true story, we follow Richard Kuklinski a notorious killer who worked for the mob.

Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 105 minutes

New TV Shows/Documentaries

Bernard – Season 1 (2004)

39 new episodes of the adventure of a polar bear tackling everyday tasks.

Kids TV Series

Rolling Papers (2015)

How one newspaper dealt with falling subscription numbers with a new section dedicated to cannabis.