New Trailer for Orson Welles Documentary ‘They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead’ Is Out on Netflix USA

They'll Love Me When I'm Dead Cover Image

The release of the trailer of Orson Welles’s last film, “The Other Side of the Wind” caused a stir among fans last month. Just when the uproar seemed to have gotten quiet, Netflix USA announced a behind the scenes documentary called, “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”; the trailer of which is already out.

The downtime of an artist, especially a filmmaker is always an intriguing subject. It is the time that tests his zest and conviction to return to what he loves most. We have seen Steven Spielberg bouncing back with 1991 movie ‘Hook’ after the failure of his Peter Pan project. Spielberg had never faced a hiatus but Orson Welles did.  In “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”, Netflix USA has chosen to tell the interesting story of the major downtime of Orson Welles’s life. The story will unleash how Welles had come back to the fray in Hollywood after 15 years to work on his passion and unfinished project, “The Other Side of the Wind”.

“They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead” is the story of the making of “The Other Side of the Wind”. Welles had come back to the US with a concept in mind that he thought would surpass his 1941 masterpiece Citizen Kane. He had come without a complete screenplay, crew, actors, or for that matter, funds. Unfortunately, the filmmaker couldn’t finish the project but the print of the movie surfaced in Vault, Paris in 2017. Netflix immediately acquired the rights.

The documentary gets its name from a comment that Welles had made to a fellow director Peter Bogdanovich. Orson Welles had said that, despite not receiving proper support from the big-shots of Hollywood, they would laud his filmography after he has passed away. Sounds prophetic? Absolutely!

“They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead” is directed by Morgan Neville. The documentary filmmaker gained prominence in 2014 after winning an Academy Award for directing “20 Feet Stardom Fame”. Considering that Neville’s recent documentary titled “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” has received great critical applause, the Welles documentary project “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead” looks to be in safe hands.

Moreover, it’s interesting to know that the protagonist of “The Other Side of the Wind” – filmmaker J.J. “Jake” Hannaford (Hudson) also returns to Hollywood after a long stay in Europe. Orson Welles had vehemently denied the insinuations about the similarity between his life and the film plot. However, fans do perceive a biographical air all around it. In that case, it’s exciting that we will be witnessing his story in both the forms – Feature Film & Documentary.

On August 30, Venice Film Festival had a premiere of “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”. The documentary will be available for streaming from November 2 onwards on Netflix USA.

It seems like November 2 is going to be a “Welles Day” on Netflix USA as you will be able to stream “The Other Side of the Wind” too on the same day.

Check out the trailer of “They’ll Love Me When I’m dead” and let us know what you think!