Television is constantly creating new shows, which can only mean that some of our favorites get thrown out of the window, as if they were nothing.

This happened to one of our favorites, Arrested Development. Arrested Development was cancelled by Fox, but later revived for a fourth season by Netflix. The Netflix revival was a bit different from the Fox episodes, but it fulfilled the void we all had, and many viewers wanted a fifth season. The fifth season did not seem to be happening, and we said goodbye to Arrested Development in 2013.

News of the fifth season started to recirculate as Ron Howard either seemed hopeful for the fifth season, or knows something we do not. Howard’s updates were making us truly believe that Mitch Hurwitz is currently working with writers and trying to revive Arrested Development.

As 2016 is just around the corner, we pretty much assumed Arrested Development was dead, and we have been binge watching old episodes since. Most of us were hopeful that Ron Howard’s updated were real, but we tried to not get our hopes up as the show has been out of production for almost four years. Recently Mitch Hurwitz made some updates that completely changed our view on things.

Apparently Mitch Hurwitz does have the backing from Netflix, and Fox to work on a season 5 of Arrested Development, and says that production of the show will start as early as January 2016. The only problem Hurwitz is experiencing is trying to assemble the old cast to create a season 5. In season 4, Netflix re-did a lot of the film production, which allowed cast members to film independently and made the scheduling and pulling of the old cast members together much easier, because rounding the whole infamous cast up after years is not easy when everyone is even more famous and busy with their new shows and films.

Hurwitz could do the same thing, but also is struggling already to make sure the entire Bluth family is in attendance for the show. We cannot do the show without Jason Bateman, or Michael Cera, but both are quite famous now, and may have a million other projects they are working on. Hurwitz does not want to leave anyone out, and seems to be leaning away from the independent filming method that Netflix took on for the fourth season, but at the same time this only makes everything harder and Hurwitz needs to think of a clever way to get everyone together.

The production of the season 5 of Arrested Development is a real thing, and we can only be happy about that right now. The minor details of filming, and who will be involved will have to be sorted out by Hurwitz in time. We can only hope everything goes smoothly and the season fulfills our needs once again, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, we are quite happy and excited, just like Lucille Bluth is below: