As a company, Netflix has proven they know what they are doing, and are becoming hot stuff. With the mass amount of Marvel series, and films, along with the new Netflix originals, the company is definitely growing bigger than ever.

Lately, Netflix has been trying to bring back old favorites, or create new episodes to shows that we thought were forever gone. The newest reboot rumor follows the 1960’s television show, Lost in Space. Rumors are swirling that Lost in Space may make a comeback by being rebooted on Netflix.

The 1960’s show follows the Robinson family. The Robinson family was supposed to be launched into space to follow a five year project to explore a distant planet together. Sadly, their plans crumble when their trip is sabotaged by the evil Dr. Zachary Smith, who purposely gets himself trapped within their space ship, and ends up leaving them adrift in space with no way to return back to Earth. Even though Dr. Smith planned to have them trapped in space, he ended up trapping himself along with the Robinson family. Now Dr. Smith, the pilot, and their robot friend are constantly looking for ways to help them get back to their home planet, as the Robinson’s adjust to this new possibly permanent lifestyle.

Lost in Space was definitely a hit in the 60’s, and ran for three full seasons, with almost 75 episodes total. The reviews of Lost in Space are also quite solid. The series at one point had an attempted movie adaptation in 1998, but the adaptation did not take as well as the creators thought.

The news feed on bringing Lost in Space back have been positive, which is why we decided to tell you, yes, Lost in Space is making a comeback! The Netflix reboot is being written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, with Neil Marshall set to direct. The series is said to be a little more family friendly, and less dark, to appeal to everyone. It is unknown when Lost in Space will be available on Netflix streaming, but we are thinking early 2017. In the meantime, there is plenty of new content coming to Netflix streaming for all subscribers to enjoy! Happy Streaming! 🙂