Many Netflix binge watchers, like myself, end up spending many hours watching Netflix. The hours that were once 3pm, quickly turn to 3am, and we end up falling asleep in the middle of our favorite shows. Sadly, Netflix continues to keep rolling, and if you are watching a series, the episodes could keep going for hours before the website stops them, your laptop dies, or your television times out. GameSpot may have the answers to all of your binge problems.

GameSpot and Netflix came together to post a page that shows you how to make socks that will pause your Netflix when you fall asleep. The instructions require knowledge of knitting, and a vast amount of knowledge on electronics and the programming of them. We may not all have these skills.

The sock technology can detect whether you are awake or asleep using actigraphy, which detects your activity levels. The finished pair of socks can detect if you have not been moving for awhile, and will remotely interact with your Netflix to pause it.

The socks use a special programming and device that will not work with most devices and is specific to the Xbox One gaming system, because the Xbox One can read IR signals, while the other devices cannot. Netflix has suggested going even further and adding a pulse monitor to perfect the new invention.

We may not be the ones whipping up a pair of these socks, but let us know if you are tech savvy enough to do so! The socks would make a great present for your favorite Netflix junkie friend.