If you have been staying updated, you know that a new version of Full House is coming to Netflix on February 26th, 2016.

The new Netflix exclusive will feature the Tanner family and friends all grown up as if we just missed a few years of their lives. Sadly, not everyone from the original cast will be joining. The Olsen twins will not be in the new Fuller House, but everyone else supposedly will be.

This week the internet went wild when Netflix released the first teaser of Fuller House, but the clip did not show us much. During the clip you see sections of the house we remember, like the living room, and the kitchen. You also see a dog, who gets excited as people come to the door, but we never see who is at the door, and the door is never opened.

The teasing trailer is available to watch below:


We all are excited to be seeing Full House once again, even if it is just for one short season, but this could go on for awhile. Netflix has only stated that they have decided on the one season so far.

Many other shows are coming back also, such as Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls is also coming back thanks to Netflix, but for only one season to help us get the closure we never received.

Only a couple months left and we will be visiting the Tanner family once again, and we cannot wait! Hopefully the teaser got you a little excited, because it excited us!