Netflix has had their biggest milestones yet this year (2015), and of course everyone is excited for what is to come, but this is one of their biggest milestones yet.

The newest milestone for Netflix is that records state that 51% of all Americans now watch Netflix. That is over half of all Americans, and means Netflix is taking over! The survey was conducted by RBC Capital Markets, and represents an all time high by any streaming platform.

Below is the chart to show how Americans favorite film and television show streaming sites:


The survey did raise some question about YouTube. Many of us watch a variety of popular films, or television shows, on Netflix, but many were wondering about YouTube as it is just below Netflix. What could everyone be watching on YouTube? YouTube does feature some films, but you pay for them individually, versus a platform like Netflix where you can watch an endless amount of films for a flat fee. YouTube offers a completely different kind of content than Netflix, which is why the site being so close to Netflix’s subscribers raised some eyebrows.

The September results for Netflix streaming subscribers was 43 million for the United States, and 26 million for international subscribers. Netflix keeps growing and impressing us all every month!