Netflix has been great, and has many perks, but sharing a Netflix account could have possibly put you at risk recently and we are saddened by this.

Netflix allows you to share your one account among many different ways, and with many people. Although that is not what Netflix wants to happen, it is allowed. One of the problems with sharing a Netflix account is that it is easier for the black market of Netflix to get hold of the account you are using.

When a recent report showed that you can get any Netflix account for free, or as much as $1 on the black market site, people started jumping on the opportunity and taking advantage of using Netflix for free, except it backfired for everyone who already has an account. Once normal users who just were not willing to pay for the site found the black market, so did hackers. Hackers initially made the site, but were not invested in the hacking and using of the accounts themselves. Now that more people, hackers and internet criminals have found the site, people are at risk.

A writer, Rachel Pick, came face-to-face with the issue herself. Rachel does not share an account, but solely uses it for herself, and when she noticed odd shows and films popping up in the “Recently Watched” section that she has never watched, she knew something was wrong. Rachel found out that her account had been dumped on a site, to use her login credentials free for anyone on the internet to use.

Rachel found a site haveibeenpwned.com, which can give anyone a rough idea if their personal information, or accounts, are up for grabs on the internet. Rachel’s usage of the site was successful, but there are many times where the site does not detect if your personal information is floating around the web for anyone to use.

In an article, 2,400 members have said to have their accounts compromised due to the black market.

Netflix does have an option in settings that forces all users logged into your account, to automatically be logged out. Which boots out anyone who is currently using your username and password. Doing this, then changing your password can save you for a little bit, but hackers can still add your new information onto black market sites.

The recent uprising in hacking Netflix members seems to be driving people away due to them worrying about their personal safety, and Netflix is trying to find a way to fix this, but the only suggestion Netflix has come up with so far is that you should only be able to login to one account, from one spot. This could be a hassle for Netflix families, and we do not see Netflix doing this, but you never know. The safety of any website’s members should be very important.

In the meantime, try the booting option in settings, and change your password to help protect yourself.