Top 10 Dog Movies to watch on Netflix if you are a Dog Lover!

In the sweltering heat, the chilly winter afternoons, or the lazy weekends – Netflix makes up for the perfect companion! Talk about ‘Netflix and Chill’, and actually chilling out, by watching some heartwarming, and funny movies about dogs – combining the best gifts of the mankind together! There are numerous flicks on Netflix, for the Dog Lovers, and it is tough to choose which ones to watch. Here are the top 10 must watch Dog Movies for the Netflix (and dog) lovers out there!

1. 101 Dalmatians [1996] –

101 Dalmatians

One of the classic Disney movies, which we loved to watch as a child! Revisit the nostalgia, with the Cruella De Ville dognapping the adorable and aww-worthy Dalmatian puppies, to make into a fur coat. The Dalmatian force comes together – a total of 101 dogs, in the entire movie, to throw off the Cruella De Ville! Netflix has surely appeased the inner child in us, by including this classic movie on the list.

2. Air Bud:

Air Bud : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

What’s better than a young pup being brought home? A puppy who saves the day, and is a star athlete! Named after the star athlete himself, Air Bud is an inspiring sports comedy, starring the handsome golden retriever, who not only wins our hearts but also wins prizes in the game!

PS – Netflix has 4 (yes, 4!) Air Bud movies – wherein Air Bud takes on every possible sport!

3. Hachi – A Dog’s Tale [2009] –

Hachiko : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

You may want to keep those Kleenex boxes handy while streaming this on Netflix! Based on the true story, it is a supremely heartwarming tale of Hachiko AKA Hachi, who is lost, and then adopted by Richard Gere. Unable to find the owner, he decides to keep Hachi. The plot revolves around how Hachi waits for Gere to come back, every single day, at the station, for years, until he dies, and is reunited with Richard Gere.

4. Lassie [2005] –

Lassie : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

You will surely be reminded of Lassie, every time you see a Border Collie! One of the best dog movies on Netflix, Lassie is about the bond which is developed between Joe and Lassie. Lassie is sold to the Duke of Rudling, by Joes’ father to support the family, and Joe is shattered by this. Soon, Lassie embarks on a 500-mile strenuous journey back home, to Joe.

5. Benji (1974) –

Benji : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

A complete family entertainer on Netflix, Benji is a classic movie about the spectacularly bright dog, Benji. Played by the famous (read as veteran) star Higgins, Benji is the first of the five movies. The movie is based on the chronicles of Benji and his human friends, who are saved by the star. The movie has earned a lot of critical acclaim and has also won several accolades!

6. Hotel for Dogs [2009] –

Hotel for Dogs : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

Based on the novel of Lois Duncan of the same name, ‘Hotel for Dogs’ is an American family comedy. The movie follows the trials and tribulations of two orphans, Andi and Bruce, who discover an abandoned hotel, to keep their dog safe from their new guardians. They also take upon more dogs, to keep them safe, only to run into some more troubles, later. The ending of the movie is particularly heartwarming!

7. The Secret Life of Pets [2016] –

The Secret Life of Pets : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

Huddle up with your favorite comfort food, and stream this adorable movie from Netflix! Ever wondered what your pets do once you are off to work or college? This animated movie by the makers of ‘Despicable Me’ is surely going to put those curiosities of yours to rest. The film showcases the super interesting and fun aspects of their secret lives!

8. Turner & Hooch [1989] –

Turner & Hooch : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

Netflix has done an amazing job in the compilation of the movies for the dog lovers, especially including this ‘old but gold’ classic, ‘Turner & Hooch’. A highly intelligent investigator, Turner, played by Tom Hanks, is forced to adopt Hooch, while solving a case. The ultimate story of loyalty and love, a special bond is developed between the two, who go on to find the murderer of the owner of Hooch.

9. Super Buddies [2013] –

Super Buddies - Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

The Earth is facing a danger, a really serious threat from the outer space! Who will save us, mortal beings? Super Buddies are the saviors of the planet, who come to the rescue! Equipped with the powers, Super Buddies is a cute, but strong team of five dogs, who are ready for the action, and to protect the mankind!

1o. Homeward Bound [1993] –

Homeward Bound - Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

This flick on Netflix will surely make you realize to not to leave your pets alone when you go on a vacation or relocate temporarily! Three pets of the Burnford family feel that they might be abandoned, after being left on a ranch. They risk their lives, and go on an unforgettable journey of adventures, to find their owners, and live with them.

Choosing the movies to watch on Netflix can become a chore. Nevertheless, Netflix has a great collection of movies about dogs, to keep you entertained, and comfort you as well! So go on, and watch these amazingly charming and heartwarming movies with your pets, or even with your family!