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Top 10 Disney Movies to Watch on Netflix While You Still Can!

Netflix Insider Staff



Blog 6 - Top 10 Disney Movies to Watch on Netflix While You Still Can!

Top 10 Disney Movies to Watch on Netflix While You Still Can!

Brace yourselves for this news- Disney is separating from Netflix! By 2019, Netflix subscribers would not have access to Disney movies- a terribly sad news for all the loyal Netflix users. Disney is building its own exclusive streaming platform, which would contain all the gems of ‘The Mouse House’. So while there is still time, here is a list of must-watch Disney movies for the Netflix users.

1. Moana [2016] –

Who would not like to see the inspiring story of a bright young girl, set out to conquer the world, with a lovely backdrop of the beautiful waters, catchy songs, and exploration of the Polynesian culture? Well, that is Moana for you! Moana is a young girl, who has a big responsibility up her sleeves- of saving her island, from a deadly curse.

PS- the cast also includes ‘The Rock’!

2. Zootopia [2016] –

Okay, this won an Oscar Award! Need to say more about it? This film was the fourth-highest grossing film of 2016- meaning, a commercial, as well as a critical success for Disney! Available on Netflix, this movie is sure to move you, as it is based on the fact that how a city entirely run by animals would look like!

Also, the scene of sloths and DMV would leave you laughing hysterically!

3. Lilo & Stitch [2002] –

Netflix users are bound to go all ‘aww’! Stitch is a scientifically (genetically) modified creature, who in quest for freedom, escapes and comes down to Earth. He impersonates as a dog and is adopted by Lilo, a lonely girl, yearning for friends. Stitch and his buddy, Lilo, embark on an adventurous journey! Both of them certainly make an aww-dorable pair!

4. Princess Diaries [2001] –

It’s the movie which certainly showcases what our dreams are made of! The protagonist, Mia, (played by the beautiful and charming Anne Hathaway) is a lonely girl, who lives in a small world, with her mum. Her world is turned upside down, when her grandmother, the Queen Mother of Genovia arrives, only to inform Mia, that she is the Princess! The film explores the development of Mia as a young girl and a beautiful human.

PS- Netflix users must watch the sequel ‘Princess Diaries- The Royal Engagement’. It surely will you’re your tears welled up, and have you swelling with pride for Mia!

5. Beauty and Beast [2017]-

It is impossible to miss out this gem of Disney on Netflix, while it is still there! The tale, which all of us have heard in the childhood, comes to life, on the large screen. With Belle played by the fantastic actress, and our favorite, Emma Watson, ‘Beauty and Beast’ was the highest grossing films of 2017. It is a superb remake of the 1991 classic, with much better animation, and also has the amazing music by Disney!

6. Queen of Katwe [2016] –

Directed by Mira Nair, ‘Queen of Katwe’ revolves around the brilliant Lupita Nyong’o, a young girl from Uganda, who aspires to be a chess player. The Disney movie is based on a true story, is a live action drama, which showcases the journey of Phiona, from the poverty-stricken country to a star.

7. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [2016] –

It is the prequel to the Star Wars we have always wanted! ‘Rouge One’ is likely to be the only ‘Star Wars’ movie on Netflix, until Disney takes it down. Set right before the time of the first Star Wars film, ‘Rogue One’ is certainly the space ‘opera’, which revolves around the resistance group within the Rebel Alliance group. This group of fighters is led by Jyn Erso, and they set out to attack the Empire.

PS- Darth Vader has an amazing action scene!

8. Doctor Strange [2016]-

Starring the heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead, Doctor Strange is another ‘feather in the hat’ for Disney. This sci-fi movie’s plot revolves around the trials and tribulations of Stephen Strange, a skilled neurosurgeon, who loses the ability to use his hands. Watch this flick on Netflix, to see how ‘Dr. Strange’ comes back to the power, to fight the forces! With the splendid power-packed performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, this Marvel movie comes to life with the special effects.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993]-

This is too good to be missed by the users on Netflix. This musical fantasy won a lot of hearts, appreciation, and accolades, and even continues to do so! Putting your imagination at work, the film revolves around the Halloween King taking over the Christmas. The tracks are pretty good, and this movie has its own fan base! The movie consists of breathtaking gothic imagery and weaves its own magic on you. This is the movie for the holidays, and you surely would love watching it year after year, on Christmas!

10. The Jungle Book [2016]-

Based on the beautiful story by Rudyard Kipling which we all have read or even heard in childhood, the film is an epic adventure. With an impressive and perfect casting, the film unravels the journey of Mowgli, who is a clever young boy, brought up in the jungle by wolves. The adventure and action begin when the tiger, Share Khan, decides to kill him.

With this list, you are sure to revisit the lanes of childhood with nostalgia. Disney films are known for tugging at our hearts, yet, imparting us wonderful lessons for life! Its surely is a tragedy, that Netflix is taking the Disney movies down, sooner than later, but till then, we can surely binge on the movies, and cherish them!

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Top 10 War Movies on Netflix

Netflix Insider Staff



Top 10 War Movies on Netflix

War Movies have had their share of fanfare and popularity several decades ago. These War Movies are still very much favored, liked, and appreciated by the audiences across the globe. The movies never fail to invoke a myriad range of feelings among the viewers, by showcasing the cruelty and nobility of the mankind. It is not a surprise, that Netflix has included this genre, although the choices are less. Here are the best War Movies of all time, available for streaming on Netflix.

1. Full Metal Jacket [1987] –

‘Full Metal Jacket’ is a classic War movie by the legendary director, Stanley Kubrick. A hard-hitting critique of the American Military, Kubrick has explored two different topics in the film- that of American Military, and Masculinity. It can rightly be said that this is the best movie about the Vietnam War, ever made. It’s a pretty dark film, full of dark humor, which exhibits the consequence of taking up arms against someone.

2. Schindler’s List [1993] –

This epic movie, based on World War II is an absolute must-watch.  With the spectacular direction of Steven Spielberg, and a brilliant script by Steven Zaillian, accompanied by the perfect music, cinematography, and casting, this movie is awe-inspiring. The film follows the journey of Oskar Schindler, who helps the Jewish flee the Nazi regime. The movie has won a lot of critical appreciation, and it is surely one of the best movies on Netflix. It is also a seven-time Oscar Award winner.

3. Inglourious Basterds [2009]-

Quentin Tarantino’s love for the two themes- vengeance and cinema, could not have led to a better outcome than this. Available on Netflix, ‘Inglourious Basterds’ revolves around the World War II era, where a group of soldiers, led by their ‘drawl-heavy’ Lieutenant (played by Brad Pitt!) go undercover to take down the cruel Nazi government. The movie also gave us the gem Christoph Waltz, a brilliant villain. Do not miss the opening dialogue of the movie, which is a classic Tarantino move.

4. Beasts of No Nation [2015] –

Based on the fierce novel by Uzodinma Iweala of the same name, the plot traces the development of Agu. Agu is a child, who is recruited to be a soldier in the African Civil War. Such radical groups are plenty in number, in a politically turbulent country. This movie shows the struggle of many such young children, who sacrifice everything. Presided over by a fierce warlord, played by the talented Idris Elba, Agu surfaces to be a strong character, who faces a cruel loss of innocence.

5. Hurt Locker [2008] –

The dynamic duo Katheryn Bigelow and Mark Boal’s film ‘Hurt Locker’ won a lot of critical acclaims, even before they made ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. The film unravels the ‘addiction’ towards the idea of war, which can engulf the country, and even the soldiers. Sgt. William James is a maverick and a genius, who has a knack for defusing bombs, but ironically, he loves doing so. Bigelow dwells upon the outsider’s perspective of James, as well as his own perspective, making the audiences resonate with the film.

6. War Machine [2017] –

It’s a hard-hitting satirical take on USA’s implementation of the ‘democracy, law, and order’ in Afghanistan. The film is based on the non-fiction ‘The Operators’, written by Michael Hastings. It is his narration in the film, which contributes to the setting of a sardonic tone. The movie is set in 2009, when General Glen McMahon, after being ‘victorious’ in Iraq, is sent to Afghanistan, to remove the Taliban, and restore it as a country.

7. Pearl Harbor [2001] –

Although ‘Pearl Harbor’ can be classified as a romance, it is more of a war movie. The title of the movie being suggestive of nature, the plot is based on the deadly attacks on Pearl Harbor. The sub-plot is about the two fictional military pilots, who are competing to win over the heart of the lovely young nurse, played by Kate Beckinsale. The dramatization of Japan sneakily attacking the Navy base, and US responding to the attack, are brought to life, in a vivid manner.

8. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy [2011] –

Based on the Cold War, the movie ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ is a story of a retired MI6 agent, who is brought back on the forces, to facilitate the investigate the accusations of a mole being inside the British spy agency. You may find the film a tad bit slow, but it’s high tension, as well as the suspicions of agents and spies are surely gripping enough to keep you captivated. This film was also nominated for three Oscars. The star cast is more than perfect- with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Tom Hardy’s brilliant performances.

9. Defiance [2008] –

‘Defiance’ is certainly one of the best films on Netflix, which is based on the real-life events. The novel ‘Defiance: The Bielski Partisans’ by Nechama Tec, sets the stage for the movie. Set during the Nazi’s takeover on Belarus, the plot revolves around the Bielski brothers, who join hands with the Jews, to form a militia. In their attempts to avoid the captivity, they also forge an alliance with the Russians, while their own ideologies are not perfectly in sync. It is a lesser-known movie and it got mixed reviews, but it is worth a watch.

10. The Longest Day [1962] –

The title is a reference to June 6, 1944, the day which changed the fate of the world, and even the course of World War II. This was the day when the Allied Forces invaded Normandy, with the world setting the sight on the USA. Utmost care was taken while making the film- and the film just goes on to show that. International and real-life locations were used, with an international star cast. It was a brilliant attempt to recreate the D-day, which is etched in the sands of time.

This particular genre is too vast to be summed up. The entire genre of ‘war movies’ emphasizes on the various virtues, traits, and perspectives, which are exhibited by the humans in such tragic times. The films listed above encompass these, in the best way possible. These films have won a lot of critical acclaims, and have moved the viewers across the globe. Netflix has a fine selection of such movies, and you would surely not regret to watch either of the above, as they give an insight into the past.

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Top 10 Thrillers to watch on Netflix

Netflix Insider Staff



Top 10 Thrillers to watch on Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of movies to choose from, especially in the genre of ‘Thrillers’. However, over the decades, the genre has digressed a bit, with the inclusion of several movies, which are merging the boundaries of this genres with other genres. Generally, the term ‘thriller’ is used to describe movies which are rich in action, drama, crime, and sometimes, even borderline horror. Due to this, one may get confused while browsing through the Netflix category for thriller movies. Here are the 10 best thrillers on Netflix, sorted out for you.

1. Se7en [1995] –

A jewel of the thriller genre, ‘Se7en’ is a neo-noir crime thriller, directed by none other than David Fincher. This film won the director a lot of critical acclaim and appreciation. With a serial killer on the loose, two detectives, played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, desperately search for clues and try to nab him. The only clue- the killer uses the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ as an ‘inspiration’ for the murders. With the cast giving wonderful performances, this movie is a treat for all the thriller lovers on Netflix.

2. The Invitation [2015] –

Underrated movie, yet, a must watch on Netflix. Karyn Kusama’s brilliant and mature direction in the film ‘The Invitation’ only goes on to show that she has grown remarkably as a director, since the film ‘Jennifer’s Body’. The film takes a jibe at the social anxiety which is often faced by the guests at a dinner party they didn’t want to go to. This is until the protagonist discovers that something sinister may be in store for everyone, as the guests have started to act weirdly.

3. It Follows [2014] –

Based on a very simple concept, the film is directed in a masterpiece manner by David Robert Mitchell. The plot is relatively easy to understand- till the ‘monster’ takes over! Maika Monroe plays a young girl, who catches upon an STD. The STD is a monster of sorts. It can kill you- unless you pass it on to someone else. The cinematography and music scores just add to the creepy feels you get while watching the film, making it a quite a thriller of a movie.

4. Inside Man [2006] –

The film ‘Inside Man’ continues to be one of the most entertaining films of the talented director Spike Lee. Again, a simple plot, where a bank heist is involved, and an expert hostage negotiator is called to diffuse the situation. Enter Denzel Washington, at his best! What would seem to be an ordinary film turns into a complex and a hardcore thriller, when there is a series of unexpected twists and turns. Spike Lee uses the storytelling devices, which will leave you guessing till the end.

5. The Departed [2006] –

A remake of the Hong Kong film ‘The Infernal Affairs’, Martin Scorsese has certainly made it even better than the original, and this film even won him the award for ‘Best Direction’. The high on ‘octane’ story follows the lives of the Matt Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio, who end up in the same mob but with different purposes. One is an undercover cop, while another is a dirty cop. While both of them try and hide their identities, the movie picks up a pace. What ensues is a game of brutal backstabbing, and the endless wait for the truth to come out. With the impressive cast supported by Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg and others, it is a must watch on Netflix- it is surely going to keep you entertained.

6. The Sixth Sense [1999] –

One of the best films by M. Night Shyamalan, ‘The Sixth Sense’ was quite of a big release in the year 1999. Of course, this was before the skepticism rose in the minds of the viewers upon seeing his name. The plot revolves around the young boy, who is unable to distinguish between the dead and the living. The child psychologist has also issues, and a highly emotionally compelling story is crafted around them. This film is one of the four horror movies to have been nominated for the Oscars in the category of ‘Best Picture’.

7. The Interview [1998] –

The initial few minutes may seem to be a bit too ‘claustrophobic’. The film begins in a very ‘Kafka’ style of story. Tables are turned sooner than later when it turns into a battle of sorts between an apparently ‘innocent’ man, and interrogator, a detective. Both of them have their own personal demons to fight with. Through the dialogue and flashbacks, the plot emerges out properly. Both the lead actors, Hugo Weaving, and Tony Martin throw the ball out of the park with their captivating and realistic performances. This Australian psychological thriller is a must watch on Netflix.

8. No Country For Old Men [2007] –

One of the best films by the Coen Brothers, ‘No Country For Old Men’ is a jewel on Netflix. The movie is an adaptation from Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name. The story follows the trials and tribulations of a hunter, who stumbles upon two million dollars in cash, which is an outcome of a drug deal gone rogue. His happiness is short-lived when he finds out that he is pursued by thugs as well as an assassin, who likes to have his victims play a coin of toss, to find their fate.

9. The Silence of the Lambs [1991] –

This psychological thriller is bound to give you chills and thrills while streaming on Netflix. ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ is a brilliant adaptation of the novel written by Thomas Harris. The story unravels when a young FBI trainee seeks help from a prisoner- an intelligent psychologist but a cannibal! Together, they try and catch the serial killer, the ‘Buffalo Bill’- who skins corpses of his female victims. The film went on to be critically appreciated and to win five Academy Awards.

10. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [2011] –

David Fincher at its finest! This movie is worth streaming on Netflix, in case you haven’t seen it yet. The film is a psychological thriller based on the novel of the same name, written by Stieg Larsson. The story revolves around the quest to find a woman who vanished 40 years ago, without any trace or major clue. The film won a lot of awards, including an Academy Award for Best Film Editing.

Thrillers always manage to tempt us and lure us into the mysteries it weaves. It is not necessary for the thrillers to be gory at all times. The mystery element in it is enough to keep you gripping the edge of your seat, biting the nails off, and giving you the adrenaline rush- all in the comforts of your home. This list is surely going to rattle you up, while you stream some good ‘ol thrills from the Netflix.

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Top 10 Best Dog Movies to watch on Netflix if you are a Dog Lover!

Netflix Insider Staff



Blog 5 - Top 10 Dog Movies to watch on Netflix if you are a Dog Lover!

Top 10 Dog Movies to watch on Netflix if you are a Dog Lover!

In the sweltering heat, the chilly winter afternoons, or the lazy weekends – Netflix makes up for the perfect companion! Talk about ‘Netflix and Chill’, and actually chilling out, by watching some heartwarming, and funny movies about dogs – combining the best gifts of the mankind together! There are numerous flicks on Netflix, for the Dog Lovers, and it is tough to choose which ones to watch. Here are the top 10 must watch Dog Movies for the Netflix (and dog) lovers out there!

1. 101 Dalmatians [1996] –

101 Dalmatians

One of the classic Disney movies, which we loved to watch as a child! Revisit the nostalgia, with the Cruella De Ville dognapping the adorable and aww-worthy Dalmatian puppies, to make into a fur coat. The Dalmatian force comes together – a total of 101 dogs, in the entire movie, to throw off the Cruella De Ville! Netflix has surely appeased the inner child in us, by including this classic movie on the list.

2. Air Bud:

Air Bud : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

What’s better than a young pup being brought home? A puppy who saves the day, and is a star athlete! Named after the star athlete himself, Air Bud is an inspiring sports comedy, starring the handsome golden retriever, who not only wins our hearts but also wins prizes in the game!

PS – Netflix has 4 (yes, 4!) Air Bud movies – wherein Air Bud takes on every possible sport!

3. Hachi – A Dog’s Tale [2009] –

Hachiko : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

You may want to keep those Kleenex boxes handy while streaming this on Netflix! Based on the true story, it is a supremely heartwarming tale of Hachiko AKA Hachi, who is lost, and then adopted by Richard Gere. Unable to find the owner, he decides to keep Hachi. The plot revolves around how Hachi waits for Gere to come back, every single day, at the station, for years, until he dies, and is reunited with Richard Gere.

4. Lassie [2005] –

Lassie : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

You will surely be reminded of Lassie, every time you see a Border Collie! One of the best dog movies on Netflix, Lassie is about the bond which is developed between Joe and Lassie. Lassie is sold to the Duke of Rudling, by Joes’ father to support the family, and Joe is shattered by this. Soon, Lassie embarks on a 500-mile strenuous journey back home, to Joe.

5. Benji (1974) –

Benji : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

A complete family entertainer on Netflix, Benji is a classic movie about the spectacularly bright dog, Benji. Played by the famous (read as veteran) star Higgins, Benji is the first of the five movies. The movie is based on the chronicles of Benji and his human friends, who are saved by the star. The movie has earned a lot of critical acclaim and has also won several accolades!

6. Hotel for Dogs [2009] –

Hotel for Dogs : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

Based on the novel of Lois Duncan of the same name, ‘Hotel for Dogs’ is an American family comedy. The movie follows the trials and tribulations of two orphans, Andi and Bruce, who discover an abandoned hotel, to keep their dog safe from their new guardians. They also take upon more dogs, to keep them safe, only to run into some more troubles, later. The ending of the movie is particularly heartwarming!

7. The Secret Life of Pets [2016] –

The Secret Life of Pets : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

Huddle up with your favorite comfort food, and stream this adorable movie from Netflix! Ever wondered what your pets do once you are off to work or college? This animated movie by the makers of ‘Despicable Me’ is surely going to put those curiosities of yours to rest. The film showcases the super interesting and fun aspects of their secret lives!

8. Turner & Hooch [1989] –

Turner & Hooch : Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

Netflix has done an amazing job in the compilation of the movies for the dog lovers, especially including this ‘old but gold’ classic, ‘Turner & Hooch’. A highly intelligent investigator, Turner, played by Tom Hanks, is forced to adopt Hooch, while solving a case. The ultimate story of loyalty and love, a special bond is developed between the two, who go on to find the murderer of the owner of Hooch.

9. Super Buddies [2013] –

Super Buddies - Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

The Earth is facing a danger, a really serious threat from the outer space! Who will save us, mortal beings? Super Buddies are the saviors of the planet, who come to the rescue! Equipped with the powers, Super Buddies is a cute, but strong team of five dogs, who are ready for the action, and to protect the mankind!

1o. Homeward Bound [1993] –

Homeward Bound - Top Dog Movies on Netflix USA

This flick on Netflix will surely make you realize to not to leave your pets alone when you go on a vacation or relocate temporarily! Three pets of the Burnford family feel that they might be abandoned, after being left on a ranch. They risk their lives, and go on an unforgettable journey of adventures, to find their owners, and live with them.

Choosing the movies to watch on Netflix can become a chore. Nevertheless, Netflix has a great collection of movies about dogs, to keep you entertained, and comfort you as well! So go on, and watch these amazingly charming and heartwarming movies with your pets, or even with your family!

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