Top 10 Disney Movies to Watch on Netflix While You Still Can!

Brace yourselves for this news- Disney is separating from Netflix! By 2019, Netflix subscribers would not have access to Disney movies- a terribly sad news for all the loyal Netflix users. Disney is building its own exclusive streaming platform, which would contain all the gems of ‘The Mouse House’. So while there is still time, here is a list of must-watch Disney movies for the Netflix users.

1. Moana [2016] –

Who would not like to see the inspiring story of a bright young girl, set out to conquer the world, with a lovely backdrop of the beautiful waters, catchy songs, and exploration of the Polynesian culture? Well, that is Moana for you! Moana is a young girl, who has a big responsibility up her sleeves- of saving her island, from a deadly curse.

PS- the cast also includes ‘The Rock’!

2. Zootopia [2016] –

Okay, this won an Oscar Award! Need to say more about it? This film was the fourth-highest grossing film of 2016- meaning, a commercial, as well as a critical success for Disney! Available on Netflix, this movie is sure to move you, as it is based on the fact that how a city entirely run by animals would look like!

Also, the scene of sloths and DMV would leave you laughing hysterically!

3. Lilo & Stitch [2002] –

Netflix users are bound to go all ‘aww’! Stitch is a scientifically (genetically) modified creature, who in quest for freedom, escapes and comes down to Earth. He impersonates as a dog and is adopted by Lilo, a lonely girl, yearning for friends. Stitch and his buddy, Lilo, embark on an adventurous journey! Both of them certainly make an aww-dorable pair!

4. Princess Diaries [2001] –

It’s the movie which certainly showcases what our dreams are made of! The protagonist, Mia, (played by the beautiful and charming Anne Hathaway) is a lonely girl, who lives in a small world, with her mum. Her world is turned upside down, when her grandmother, the Queen Mother of Genovia arrives, only to inform Mia, that she is the Princess! The film explores the development of Mia as a young girl and a beautiful human.

PS- Netflix users must watch the sequel ‘Princess Diaries- The Royal Engagement’. It surely will you’re your tears welled up, and have you swelling with pride for Mia!

5. Beauty and Beast [2017]-

It is impossible to miss out this gem of Disney on Netflix, while it is still there! The tale, which all of us have heard in the childhood, comes to life, on the large screen. With Belle played by the fantastic actress, and our favorite, Emma Watson, ‘Beauty and Beast’ was the highest grossing films of 2017. It is a superb remake of the 1991 classic, with much better animation, and also has the amazing music by Disney!

6. Queen of Katwe [2016] –

Directed by Mira Nair, ‘Queen of Katwe’ revolves around the brilliant Lupita Nyong’o, a young girl from Uganda, who aspires to be a chess player. The Disney movie is based on a true story, is a live action drama, which showcases the journey of Phiona, from the poverty-stricken country to a star.

7. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story [2016] –

It is the prequel to the Star Wars we have always wanted! ‘Rouge One’ is likely to be the only ‘Star Wars’ movie on Netflix, until Disney takes it down. Set right before the time of the first Star Wars film, ‘Rogue One’ is certainly the space ‘opera’, which revolves around the resistance group within the Rebel Alliance group. This group of fighters is led by Jyn Erso, and they set out to attack the Empire.

PS- Darth Vader has an amazing action scene!

8. Doctor Strange [2016]-

Starring the heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead, Doctor Strange is another ‘feather in the hat’ for Disney. This sci-fi movie’s plot revolves around the trials and tribulations of Stephen Strange, a skilled neurosurgeon, who loses the ability to use his hands. Watch this flick on Netflix, to see how ‘Dr. Strange’ comes back to the power, to fight the forces! With the splendid power-packed performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, this Marvel movie comes to life with the special effects.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993]-

This is too good to be missed by the users on Netflix. This musical fantasy won a lot of hearts, appreciation, and accolades, and even continues to do so! Putting your imagination at work, the film revolves around the Halloween King taking over the Christmas. The tracks are pretty good, and this movie has its own fan base! The movie consists of breathtaking gothic imagery and weaves its own magic on you. This is the movie for the holidays, and you surely would love watching it year after year, on Christmas!

10. The Jungle Book [2016]-

Based on the beautiful story by Rudyard Kipling which we all have read or even heard in childhood, the film is an epic adventure. With an impressive and perfect casting, the film unravels the journey of Mowgli, who is a clever young boy, brought up in the jungle by wolves. The adventure and action begin when the tiger, Share Khan, decides to kill him.

With this list, you are sure to revisit the lanes of childhood with nostalgia. Disney films are known for tugging at our hearts, yet, imparting us wonderful lessons for life! Its surely is a tragedy, that Netflix is taking the Disney movies down, sooner than later, but till then, we can surely binge on the movies, and cherish them!