Looking for something new and different to watch? Well, we may have the perfect film.

The 2015 film, Chloe and Theo is an independent drama that was written and directed by Ezra Sands. The film stars Dakota Johnson, who starred in the 50 Shades of Grey film earlier this year. The film was released in the United States on September 4th, in a limited release, and later went straight to video.

When a young woman from New York, named Chloe strikes up a friendship with an Arctic Inuit Eskimo man, a few things change for the both of them. The man’s name is Theo, and he is looking for the Elders of the Southern world to save his people by bringing his message of change from his people to the United Nations. A lawyer joins in and tries to help Theo, and Chloe jumps on board and is 100% committed to helping Theo along his journey. Chloe and Theo end up being a great duo for the journey, and the heartwarming bond that forms between them is beautiful.

Chloe and Theo is not a typical film, but will definitely touch your soul and make you think about things a little bit deeper. The film was just released a couple months ago, but is already almost available on Netflix streaming. Chloe and Theo will be available for all Netflix subscribers on December 19th, of this year. Enjoy the film in just a few days, especially if you are willing to watch something new and different.