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Westerns To Watch On Netflix

Don Gillette




By Don Gillette

Most people who claim they don’t like Westerns will watch a Western in a heartbeat if they happen to stumble onto one when they’re clicking the channels. They just won’t tell you about it. So okay—there are some people out there who don’t like Westerns because they don’t understand them. Pardon my sexism, but usually, they’re women.

Please don’t be offended, but this column is kind of slanted toward men. We (men) understand. Both horses and men are big, hairy, sweaty animals and if you ladies are inclined to ride one, we would prefer it be us. Again, this is a matter of choice. Catherine the Great of Russia reportedly had it both ways; she was the exception.

But real men love Westerns. Sometimes the only thing my sensible, left-wing, liberal self and my lunatic, blood-thirsty, right-wing friends can agree on is how much we love Westerns. It’s common ground. They might think Donald Trump is the savior of humanity while I think he should be killed with fire, but pop Wyatt Earp into the Bluray player and we’re the best of buddies.

Westerns were the most popular Hollywood genre from the early days of film right into the 1960’s—and their popularity since then has waxed and waned. We’ll go a few years without a single Western and then somebody will remake 3:10 to Yuma or True Grit and all of a sudden, they’re back in vogue.

The cowboys of the Old West are the American version of the Japanese Samurai warrior or King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table—they’re all bound by a code of ethics, honor, and chivalry. The “bad guys” are usually assholes, but every once in a while bad guys come along who are likeable and have their own moral code—they’re just trying to get by. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, for instance… two likeable clowns trying to earn a dollar. They rob from the rich and give to themselves, but they don’t go overboard with it.

There’s a lot to like about Westerns. Ranches, jails, saloons, prostitutes with hearts of gold, revenge, villains, heroes, honest lawmen, rugged individualists, scenery… and whiskey. “Leave the bottle.”

Netflix is a little light in the streaming Westerns department. I’ll take that up with them next time I pen one of my world-renowned complaint letters. But for right now, these are interesting…

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


This one happens to be one of my favorite Westerns. The Oscar-winning screenplay was written by William Goldman who also wrote one of my favorite books (Temple of Gold) and this movie is chock-full of memorable quotes. The plot is simple enough; Butch (Paul Newman) and Sundance (Robert Redford) are two outlaws in the Old West who rob trains and banks. They spend the rest of their time trying to elude capture by a posse put together by the Union Pacific Railroad. When they eventually escape to Brazil, they decide to “go straight” and get jobs as payroll guards, but that doesn’t work out so they’re forced to return to their old ways. It’s exciting, hilarious, action-packed, and more fun that anyone would ever expect from a Western. If you haven’t seen it, see it; if you have seen it, see it again.



Multiple Academy Award-winning Unforgiven is a very dark Western. The American Film Institute considers it #4 in the Western genre and it’s on every “Top 100” list ever imagined. Aging outlaw/killer William Munny (Clint Eastwood) takes one last job with his old partner Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman). The job is an Old West-style “contract killing” of a cowboy who disfigured a prostitute in the town of Big Whiskey. Meanwhile, Big Whiskey’s sheriff, Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman), has no intention of allowing any hired assassins in his town and he bans handguns of any sort within the town limits. When British-born gunfighter English Bob (Richard Harris) shows up, also seeking the reward, Little Bill beats him to a pulp. Later, William Munny, racked with fever, is sitting in the saloon when Little Bill spots his hidden pistol. Bill beats Munny savagely and kicks him out of town. Three days later, Munny and Logan carry out the contract—they kill the cowboy who sliced up the prostitute’s face. Logan decides he hasn’t the stomach for killing anymore and heads back home. When Munny learns that Logan was captured, tortured, and killed by Little Bill, he rides into town for a little taste of revenge. This Western is not for everybody—it deals with the ugliness of violence and what it does to those who perpetrate it, regardless of what side of the law they’re on. It’s frank, brutal, emotional, and it elicits strong reactions from anybody who sees it. Don’t miss it. This is one you can watch a dozen times.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

libert valance

One of the best old-school Westerns, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance isn’t about the man who shot Liberty Valance at all. Ranse Stoddard (James Stewart) is traveling to Shinbone to open a law practice when his stagecoach is robbed by a gang of outlaws led by Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin). Instead of standing meekly by, Stoddard berates Valance for stealing an heirloom from a widow. Valance beats Stoddard and leaves him on the trail to die, but he’s found by Tom Doniphon (John Wayne) who brings him back to town. The locals nurse him back to health and he eventually opens his law office, but Valance isn’t too keen on that—he wants no obstruction to his control of the town. Fearing for his safety, Stoddard gets a revolver and attempts to learn how to use it. Doniphon helps him learn to shoot and the two become reluctant friends. When Stoddard is nominated to the “Statehood Convention,” Valance freaks and the two face off in the street. Valance toys with Stoddard, first shooting a vase near his head, then shooting him in the arm. Stoddard drops his gun and Valance allows him to pick it up. Stoddard fires off a shot and Valance falls dead in the street. At the statehood convention, Stoddard’s opponent calls his behavior “un-statesmanlike” and Stoddard contemplates withdrawing from the race, but Doniphon calls him aside and confesses that he shot Liberty Valance from an alley, firing at the same time Stoddard did leading to the line, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is as complete a story as you’ll likely find on film. No one-paragraph wrap-up could ever delve into the depth of character and the personalities involved. At the risk of sounding preachy, I really do urge you to watch this one.



Paul Newman again… only Jew to ever star in six Westerns… and each one is a classic. In Hombre, Newman plays John Russell, a spurned passenger in a stagecoach filled with “respectable” people. Russell was raised by Native American Apaches but was later adopted by a white man in town. As an adult, he returned to the Indian reservation to live but when he inherits a hotel, he decides to trade it for a herd of cattle. This means he’s got to take a stagecoach to another city and on that ride, the stagecoach is attacked. Bandits fail to find the money they were after, but they leave the passengers in the middle of the wilderness with very little water. After the attack, Russell leads the passengers in search of the next town. Meanwhile, the bandits decide the money must be in the passengers’ possession and they head out in pursuit. Along the way, the true personalities and prejudices of all the passengers come out; the good, the evil, and everything in between. What we have in Hombre is a classic character study of individuals brought together by chance. This ensemble piece is one of the best.

The Missing


Anytime I see Tommy Lee Jones, I find it really hard to believe he was Al Gore’s roommate at Harvard. Even more difficult to believe is that he actually went to Harvard because if there ever was a cowboy, it’s Tommy Lee Jones. I can’t imagine the U.S. Supreme Court stealing the presidency away from Tommy Lee Jones like they stole it away from Al Gore. Tommy Lee would have kicked their asses. In The Missing, Tommy Lee plays Samuel Jones, the estranged father of Magdelena Gilkeson (Cate Blanchett), a frontier medicine woman. When her daughter is kidnapped by an Apache witch doctor, she recruits her forgotten father to help her get the girl back. Samuel Jones isn’t really a cowboy, per se, but close enough. And The Missing isn’t really a Western, but close enough. What this Ron Howard film does is combine a Western with a Thriller with an Action movie with a Period Drama while throwing a little mysticism in for good measure. This film is historically accurate even down to the metaphysical aspects and the dialog, but what it’s got going for it is, by far, the gripping, taut, and tense story line. Definitely worth a watch.

Django Unchained


I’m going to start off by stealing borrowing a one-sentence description of this movie: “With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner.” Now, I’ve seen Django Unchained three times—maybe four—and the first thing that crossed my mind when I read that description was: “Who would want to watch this?” However, you can’t depend on this particular synopsis because it’s missing a few key words. Words like “Quentin” and “Tarantino,” for example. I’m not going to wax rhapsodic about Quentin Tarantino because he honestly is about half-nuts and his scripts, taken at face value, are absolutely ridiculous. But there’s something about the way this dude directs and casts his films that makes the ridiculous not only plausible, but completely believable. Graphic violence, blood-thirsty fights, great humor, non-stop action, the foulest of language, and — wait for it — Don Johnson playing the leader of a Ku Klux Klan patrol that can’t see where they’re going because the holes in their hoods aren’t large enough. You know, usually, I can pull off these descriptions and plot summaries fairly easily, but I honestly cannot describe Django Unchained except to ask you to give it 10 minutes. That’s all. Watch it for 10 minutes. If you don’t stay until the end, you’re probably as crazy as Quentin Tarantino.



Raquel Welch in 1968. That’s right, I said it and I’ll say it again in italics: Raquel Welch in 1968. Actually, Bandolero! is a rock solid Western that goes about telling its story in two directions. The first half is very funny and likeable despite its storyline: Dee Bishop (Dean Martin, who’s always good in a Western), a former Quantrill Raider, gets arrested while robbing a bank. The town sends for a professional hangman to hang Bishop and his gang, but Bishop’s brother, Mace Bishop (James Stewart, also always good in a Western) gets word of the hanging, mugs the hangman on the trail, and takes his place. Mace plays along with the town and at the last minute, breaks Dee and the rest of the gang out of jail. They rob the bank as Dee and the gang intended to do in the first place, and take off. This is when the movie turns from light-hearted to serious. The Bishops and their gang have not only robbed the bank, but kidnapped Maria Stone (Raquel Welch) so Sheriff July Johnson (George Kennedy) and his deputy Roscoe go after them and chase them into Mexico where the banditos have little use for Americans. This movie is two films in one; the engaging, happy-go-lucky, first part and the ominous, serious, second part. Granted, it isn’t the greatest Western ever filmed, but it’s entertaining and a good way to kill an evening. Writer Larry McMurtry, in Lonesome Dove, named his sheriff July Johnson and his deputy, Roscoe. And if it’s good enough for Larry McMurtry, it’s good enough for me.



This film is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea; in fact, unless you’re a Wesley Snipes fan or a Blade fan or a Walking Dead fan, you might want to pass. I watched it because I’m a Wesley Snipes fan. I thought the Blade movies were good, so I gave this a try based solely on Mr. Snipes. Turns out that he not only disappointed the Internal Revenue Service, he also disappointed me. In brief, Aman (Snipes) is the son of a nun. Apparently, when this nun said “nun,” she didn’t mean “none” and for that reason, Aman is cursed. Why he was cursed and not the morally casual nun, we never discover. The curse is that whoever Aman shoots comes back from the dead, so eventually, he’s got an entire zombie army of former victims hunting him down. The only saving grace in this movie is Wesley Snipes—and as I said, the IRS snatched him halfway through filming. The zombie stuff and the blood-and-guts is fairly well done, but the story doesn’t make any sense and sometimes the dialog doesn’t seem to match up with what’s going on. In my defense, you’ll notice the title of this article is “Westerns To Watch On Netflix,” not “Best Westerns To Watch On Netflix.”

Urban Cowboy


I’m kidding. Urban Cowboy is a Western like Taco Bell is a restaurant.

How many of my Top Ten Westerns are on Netflix? Two. But keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in this genre. The really good ones crop up from time to time. Just search using “Westerns” as your criteria. By the way, my Top Ten are:

  1. The Searchers
  2. Tombstone
  3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  4. Lonesome Dove
  5. High Noon
  6. Unforgiven
  7. Red River
  8. The Wild Bunch
  9. Stagecoach
  10. The Shootist

You can trust me on Westerns; I spent 9 weeks at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in Combat Medic Training. Never saw a single horse, but the scorpions are the size of German Shepherds.

Don Gillette is a novelist from Nashville, Tennessee. His latest book, Old Leather, is a collection of short fiction and is available world-wide at booksellers and on-line retailers.

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New Releases On Netflix

New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]!

Netflix Insider Staff



New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]!

October is going to be awesome with so many newly added movies ready to stream on Netflix USA. Netflix USA is already overflown with some favorite scary movies. The fans are already anticipating “The Haunting Hill House” and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. Romantic comedies like “Must Love Dogs” and “Big Mouth” are also some of the new movies to stream on Netflix USA this October. The best part about this October is that Netflix USA has a diverse amalgamation of movies in store for you.

Here’s the list of new movies to stream on Netflix USA this October [2018] –

1. Dovlatov [2018] –

Dovlatov [2018] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

With so much critical acclaim and interesting plot, Dovlatov already looks like one of the best new movies to stream on Netflix USA this October. Russian writers have always been known for bringing about interesting perspectives. It hardly gets better when we have a movie on them. Andrei Tarkovsky beautifully weaved the story of Andrei Rublev back in the 1970s. Similarly, Dovlatov by Aleksei German promises to bring the story of an ahead of his time iconic writer from the Soviet Union. The main plot depicts his talent, humility, and association with a fellow writer Joseph Brodsky. They watch their other artist friends suffer in the iron-willed state machinery.

2. Angel Eyes [2011] –

Angel Eyes [2011] - New Movies to Stream on Netflxi USA This October [2018]

Luis Mandoki’s Angel Eyes is a romantic comedy starring the star actress Jennifer Lopez. The movie tells the story of a mysterious man known as “Catch” played by Jim Caviezel who crosses the path of a lady named Sharon and they end up saving each other’s life twice. Using coincident as a narrative tool, the filmmaker weaves this romantic story in an unlikely archetype of a thriller. Jennifer Lopez won an ALMA Award for the Best Actress and Luis Mandoki won the same for ‘Outstanding Director’ for this thriller movie worth a definite watch.

3. Anger Management [2003] –

Anger Management [2003] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

“Anger Management” is an American comedy flick by Peter Segal. This movie tells the story of an under-confident guy named Dave played by Adam Sandler who undergoes a major transition of his life in a rather annoying tutelage of an anger management expert Dr. Buddy Rydell enacted by Jack Nicholson. The movie deals with a very serious problem of low self-esteem and the director chooses humor to convey the importance of the same. Adam Sandler’s terrific performance, Jack Nicholson’s usual wit and overall pleasant vibe of the flick make “Anger Management” one of the must-watch new movies to stream on Netflix USA this October.

4. The Shining [1980] –

The Shining [1980] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

Have an appetite for horror movies? Netflix USA may be already full of some scariest horror movies but none can parallel the masterpiece that Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is. “The Shining” is a psychological horror starring Jack Nicholson in one of the best performances of his career. Stanley Kubrick tells the story of a family that undergoes mental breakdown in the Hotel Overlook when the protagonist Jack accepts to stay there with his family in order to take care of the maintenance work. The movie is different from Stephen King’s novel of the same name even though the movie is an official adaptation. This October, “The Shining” is the best movie you can stream on Netflix USA if horror is your favorite genre.

5. V for Vendetta [2005] –

V for Vendetta [2006] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

James McTeigue’s “V for Vendetta” is one of the most radical movies ever made. Using allegory of oppression by political groups as a narrative tool, this movie brings the story of a masked vigilante who conducts guerrilla warfare against the fascist government of Great Britain. The movie also features Natalie Portman in one of her best roles. “V for Vendetta” has gained prominence in the popular culture and the Guy Fawkes mask is still used by people in protests against tyranny. For some thought-provoking dialogues, a terrific display of filmmaking, “V for Vendetta” is one of the best new movies to stream on Netflix USA this October to pump your adrenaline.

6. The Devil’s Advocate [1997] –

Devil's Advocate [1997] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

“The Devil’s Advocate” is among the best supernatural horror movies to stream on Netflix USA this October. This movie by Taylor Hackford features Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves in iconic roles. The movie tells the story of a successful lawyer from Florida who joins a firm in New York and eventually knows that his boss is Lucifer. It is filmed like a drama movie but slowly unfolds in the horror genre. For its extraordinary visual effects, supernatural concept, intense dialogue exchange, and tremendous performances, “The Devil’s Advocate” is a must-watch movie that you can stream on Netflix USA.

7. The Green Mile [1999] –

The Green Mile [1999] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

Frank Darabont’s “The Green Mile” is a story in the backdrop of Southern prison wherein gentle giant John Coffey played by Michael Clarke Duncan possess a power to heal people’s ailments. When the head jailer Paul Edgecomb played by Tom Hanks comes to know about John’s powers, he tries to save him from the sentence. This is arguably the best performance of Tom Hanks from his opulent career. The movie has a tight screenplay and Darabont’s convicting direction makes it an eminent watch. It was also nominated in Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound, and Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published.

8. She’s Out of My League [2010] –

She's Out of My League [2010] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October

“She’s Out of My League” is an American romantic comedy in which an average guy Joe dates a drop-dead gorgeous girl but his low self-esteem, friends, and family try to take away the relationship. The filmmaker Jim Field Smith handles the premise of the movie with quirky humor. Popular among fans as a feel-good movie, “She’s out of My League” is one of the best romantic comedies to stream on Netflix USA this October. Moreover, this movie has that post-modern and perpetually entertaining vibe like “Girl Next Door” and “Accepted”.

9. The Lake House [2006] –

The Lake House [2006] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

The movie tells the story of a lonely doctor played by Keanu Reeves who starts exchanging love letters with the former resident (Sandra Bullock) of a lakeside view house and an unlikely romance starts blooming between. Alejandro Agresti’s sensitively directed “The Lake House” thrives mainly on great performances by the actors, cinematography by Alar Kivilo and the soundtrack which has a variety of songs.  This is one of the underrated movies to stream on Netflix USA this October.

10. Pay It Forward [2000] –

Pay It Forward [2000] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

“Pay It Forward” is a poignant story of a 12-years-old boy who believes in people and their goodness. He decides to change the world with his tender heart and succeeds, unlike other kids who think the same. The movie by Mimi Lader is one of the most heartwarming movies available now for streaming on Netflix USA. This movie was praised by critics for music, acting, writing, and cinematography. However, it had received a lot of flak for the utopian ideas and fake display of human emotions.

11. The NeverEnding Story [1984] –

The NeverEnding Story [1984] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This Octob

This is an epic fantasy drama based on the novel of the same name. “The NeverEnding Story” by Wolfgang Petersen is about a boy who reads a magical book which tells the story of a young warrior whose task is to stop a dark force called ‘Nothing’ from affecting a mystical world. This movie deviates from the novel but the filmmaker still manages to keep the essence of the original story. “The NeverEnding Story” was the most expensive movie produced outside the United States or the Soviet Union in those days.

12. Mystic River [2003] –

Mystic River [2003] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

“Mystic River” is a mystery thriller by Clint Eastwood. Excellent cinematography has always been an integral part of Eastwood’s affluent filmography and same goes for “Mystic River”. It tells the story of the lives of three men who were childhood friends. One of them has a family tragedy which brings the conflict in the story. Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and, Kevin Bacon have played the leading characters brilliantly and the movie received praise from critics and audience for its extraordinary background score and Eastwood’s direction. “Mystic River” is one of the most emotionally sound movies to stream on Netflix USA this October.

13. New York Minute [2004] –

New York Minute [2004] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

“New York Minute” is an American comedy movie you will love if you like teen flicks. Directed by Dennie Gordon, this movie tells the story of a top student Jane Ryan who goes to Manhattan for a college scholarship competition and then things go haywire when she comes across a pursuing truant officer and a smuggler. The filmmaker conveys a heartwarming message about the importance of family through the story as it is Jane’s sister that comes to the rescue when she gets entangled in the situation. For its good storytelling and a lot of feel-good moments, “New York Minute” is one of the best movies to stream on Netflix USA this October.

14. Sommersby [1993] –

Sommersby [1993] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

Jon Amiel’s ‘Sommersby’ is one of the best romantic movies you can stream on Netflix USA this October. It tells the story of a farmer named Jack Sommersby who returns home from the Civil War. Jack Sommersby played by Richard Gere is not a good man but when he comes back, he starts behaving strangely pleasant. Subsequently, his wife Laurel played by Jodie Foster starts suspecting that he is an imposter. ‘Sommersby’ has great performances by both the actors and Danny Elfman’s music is brilliant.

15. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [1991] –

Robin Hood [1991] - New Movies to Stream on Netflix USA This October [2018]

This movie is the retelling of the story of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” focuses mainly on the vengeance episode in which a Sherrif from Nottingham kills Robin Hood’s father. Latterly, he joins forces with a band of exiled villagers to kill the Sheriff. This is one of the best vengeance movies from the 1990s that you can stream on Netflix USA this October. Watch this for adventure, well-choreographed action sequences, and fast-paced screenplay.

There are some more movies like “22 July”, “Been So Long”, “Gnome Alone” and some Netflix Originals to stream on Netflix USA this October [2018]. Moreover, there is a hoard of classic movies available to stream on Netflix USA.

Netflix USA has been continuously updating its haul of movies. Subscribe to our website and stay updated with new movies to stream on Netflix USA.

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What To Watch

War Movies on Netflix- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Don Gillette



By Don Gillette

War movies are a real niche genre. For veterans, male and female, the movies have to be right around 100% realistic or we start yelling at the screen. If we hear somebody say, “Over and out” on the radio, it sends us into a wall-punching fit (you’re either “over” or you’re “out” but never both.) For men who never served in the Armed Forces, it gives a taste of what it might be like in battle, but with a bag of chips and a beer on the table next to the chair—nothing wrong with that. Not everybody is Audie Murphy. For women who never served… well… to be honest, I don’t know any non-veteran women who actually like war movies unless they happen to be married to a veteran and even then, it’s iffy. Before the hate mail shows up, I’m sure there are women who love war movies and don’t fit into that category. I just don’t know any.

Netflix has quite a selection of war movies currently streaming. Some of them are great and some are dogs; this might help you decide how to spend your evening if you’re in the mood…

The Good:

The Longest Day


One of the greatest war movies ever made, The Longest Day tells the story of the D-Day invasion of Normandy that led to the end of World War II. Although it’s an all-star cast headed by the likes of John Wayne, Richard Burton, and Henry Fonda (among others), the movie is so gripping that you don’t even notice who you’re watching because they all become their characters. This is a long film—3 hours—but well worth your time. If you’ve ever wondered why they call the folks from this era “The Greatest Generation,” watch this film and you’ll know.

We Were Soldiers



This is the story of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry’s battle against the North Vietnamese Army in La Drang valley in 1965—the first battle of the Vietnam War. Mel Gibson does a super job as Lt. Col. Hal Moore, the battalion commander, and the re-telling of the operation along with the battalion’s training and preparation are right on the money. Equally interesting are the back stories of the wives and families of the combatants. They got this one right—there are no heroes, no glorification of war; just a story of guys doing their job and the families they left behind waiting.

Tora! Tora! Tora!


An outstanding war movie that will have you shaking your head constantly at the blunders and mistakes the United States made that allowed the brutally savage Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to occur. This film tells the story from both sides and is almost “documentary” in style, but that does nothing to detract from the dramatic and gut-wrenching attack scenes. One of the great history lessons every committed to film, this powerhouse explains the stupidity of countries going to war better than almost any other movie out there.

Twelve O’Clock High


This is “Patton” in the air. Gregory Peck plays Brigadier General Frank Savage, the meanest S.O.B. to ever fly through the sky. He takes over a demoralized, resentful, slipshod B-24 squadron and whips them back into shape by being a hard-ass; but underneath, we get a glimpse of the emotional and psychological cost of command. Based on the 306th Bomber Group (the first American bomber group to fly over Germany), this movie is a nice glimpse into how the air war was conducted.



Nobody cares that Mel Gibson turned into a flaming asshole over the past few years because he was William Wallace, Colonel Hal Moore, Mad Max, Fletcher Christian, Martin Riggs, Bret Maverick, and Benjamin Martin. And you do not want to piss any of these guys off. In Braveheart, when his secret bride is murdered by an English soldier who tried to rape her, William Wallace starts a revolt against King Edward I of England. No, it’s not completely, historically accurate; no, it’s not a history lesson. But it’s action-packed and has every element you should look for in a war movie including one of the greatest battle scenes every put on film.

Inglourious Basterds


Quentin Tarantino hit another one out of the ballpark with this masterpiece. The real Inglorious Bastards were a British commando force of Jewish exiles from Germany and Eastern Europe who operated as spies during World War II. Chances are good that this film is 99% fiction, but nobody does violence, characters, and plots like Tarantino when he’s in the zone and he’s definitely in the zone with this one.

The Bad:

I’m not going to waste your time giving you links to these turds–just pass them by.

Jarhead 2

Jarhead with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx was a great movie. Jarhead 2 with a couple of guys I’ve never heard of was a joke.

Seal Team 8

Poor old Tom Sizemore can’t catch a break or a good role in a decent move. I guess it’s tough to play a convincing member of a Seal Team when you’re 55 and you look like you’re 90.

Saints and Soldiers: The Void

An extremely low-budget, preachy attempt to inject racism into a World War II tank movie. There are no racists in foxholes. When you’re being shot at, you don’t care what color the guy next to you is.

The Ugly:

Field of Lost Shoes


Day of the Siege

Makes you wonder what F. Murray Abraham was thinking when he signed on to this. Probably “$$$.”

Boys of Abu Ghraib

One of the truly stupidest war movies ever made and completely inaccurate in every way.


I wanted to like this because it’s based on actual events concerning an Irish-American B17 bomber crew, but I didn’t.

“The Good” are films you really should see. I don’t mean to sound preachy, but they should be mandatory viewing for anybody who thinks war is fun and for anybody who glorifies war without ever having been in one. “The Bad” aren’t really awful—they’re just not… good. But “The Ugly” are truly ugly, so don’t waste your time.


Don Gillette is a novelist from Nashville, Tennessee who also spent 25 years in the US Armed Forces. His latest book, Old Leather, is a collection of short fiction and is available world-wide at booksellers and on-line retailers.

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Top Lists

The Best Movies On Netflix – Official 2016 Guide




Best Movies On Netflix 2016


Welcome to the 2016 official guide to the Best Movies On Netflix presented by Whats On Netflix.   In the next 50 pages we will cover all the top movies available for your streaming pleasure.

Make sure you keep this page bookmarked as Netflix updates its streaming library monthly some movies might not be available.

If you come across a movie that’s unavailable please be sure to reach out to us on social media so we can update the list. We will do our best to keep it updated but after all we are only human.

Now without further ado here our Official 2016 Guide To The Best Movies On Netflix. If you feel we left a movie off the list feel free to let us know down in the comments!


DON’T MISS: The Best Documentaries on Netflix – 2016 Guide


Best Movies On Netflix #50

 The Discoverers

Release Year: 2012

Director: Justin Schwarz

“Simple, dialogue driven, performance driven stories about quirky families who end up in a kind of crazy crisis,  they all re-connect while trying to deal with the situation they’re in. Been done a hundred times before, right? A few of these movies actually succeed in telling this kind of story though, and are fairly good. Little Miss Sunshine comes to mind. This film isn’t as good as that one, but nevertheless it’s still a good offering within that kind of genre.”


Best Movies On Netflix - 2016


Release Year: 2014

Written by Jon Stewart (Based on the book They Came For Me by Maziar Bahari and Aimee Malloy)

Directed by Jon Stewart

Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Kim Bodnia

“Brilliant! A great show of force by the Jon Stewart in his 1st direction of a major motion picture! The actors were wonderful and the plot and script was complex and a story that needs to be told that the Iranian/Persian people are fighting back within the country against the government. Mr. Bahari’s story was one of many & I am thoroughly happy & impressed the Jon Stewart decided to bring attention the Persian peoples fight for democracy in his first film! Highly recommend especially for the uneducated because the mainstream media surely won’t expose you to stories such as this in the country Iran.”




Release Year: 1974

Directed by Roman Polanski

Starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston 

With a suspicious femme fatale bankrolling his snooping, private eye J.J. Gittes uncovers intricate dirty dealings in the Los Angeles waterworks and gets his nose slashed for his trouble in director Roman Polanski’s complex neonoir classic.

Nicholson saunters though a 1930’s LA with confidence, until he pulls the wrong thread and find himself in the middle of a messy unraveling. Although just as entwined, Dunaway proceeds with caution and finds herself torn between the lies and the truths surrounding her life. Together, the pair light up the screen with coy smiles and excellent senses of style, timing, and tone. The story was basic but kept my attention, much like HBO’s “True Detective”- you witness the lengths a snoop will go to solve a case while taking in glances at his own personality. This film is smart, slick, and suspenseful. Highly recommended.



 Good Will Hunting

Release Year: 1997

Directed by Gus Van Sant

Starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgard, Minnie Driver

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